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Blog Galeries des artistes » Secrets de femmes » Stimulation du clitoris lors d'une pénétration vaginale ?
18.04.2011 09:28:47

Le site Osez le féminisme lance une « enquête » sur les connaissances que chaque sondé peut avoir du clitoris. Et je vous avoue que toutes les réponses aux questions ne me semblent pas évidentes.

Celle-ci, notamment :

Le clitoris est-il stimulé lors de la pénétration vaginale ?



 Je ne sais pas 


Vous allez hausser les épaules en disant : le clitoris est stimulé de l’extérieur, il n’y a donc pas de stimulation par pénétration. Oui, mais non. Pas « par pénétration » mais « lors de la pénétration » est-il écrit.

Et cela change tout, parce que lors de la pénétration, en fonction de la position utilisée, le clitoris peut être stimulé. Si je jouis lors d’une pénétration, ce n’est pas parce que le membre de monsieur a un pouvoir mirobolant et transmets des vibrations par télépathie à mon clitoris, mais parce qu’il y a contact, frottement, et une telle excitation préalable que le moindre frôlement déclenche l’orgasme.

Il s’avère que cela peut se passer lors de la pénétration, tout simplement parce que je contrôle le moment de la pénétration, que je sais qu’il vaut mieux pour monsieur qu’il soit à l’intérieur juste avant le séisme sinon il n’aura plus aucune possibilité de jouir, parce qu’après le séisme, je suis anéantie, je ne supporte plus aucun contact.

Donc je sais quand intervenir pour qu’il n’y ait pas d’insatisfaction de sa part. Et aussi comment intervenir pour que cela ne casse pas la progression vers l’orgasme chez moi, car une position non adéquate risque de faire chuter l’excitation et dans ce cas, l’insatisfaction est pour moi.


Pouvoir jouir à deux nécessite, je vous l’affirme, en tout cas pour nous, toute une histoire, des tâtonnements, une bonne connaissance de soi et de l’autre, et une bonne connaissance des combinaisons possibles.


Mais je reviens à mon histoire de clitoris. Dans notre cas, oui, le clitoris est stimulé lors de la pénétration vaginale. Cependant, si je réponds oui à cette question, les personnes qui vont analyser les réponses vont se dire que je n’ai rien compris et que je dois situer le clitoris là où il n’est pas, que j’attends probablement le jour béni où j’aurai un orgasme lors d’une pénétration.

Comment répondre dans ce cas à cette enquête ?

Publié par steph
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Commentaires#10 Posté le 15.12.2012 10:32:01 par (5 posts)


e8ldNR <a href="">scghonzvubsz</a>

Commentaires#9 Posté le 14.12.2012 08:34:00 par (5 posts)


Actually there is a lot of talk in the LGBT political moeevmnt of late about how to properly deal with and care for the older members of our community. In part because as people mature their lifestyles tend to mature as well, and as the most easily visible place for LGBT gatherings tends to be the local gay bar which, as with most bars, tends to skew young. Previously, it was easy for older LGBT people to lose their connection to the visible community. With the growth of activism, LGBT centers, LGBT and LGBT welcoming churches, and other social activities the older members of our community are increasingly rising in visibility. It is also harder to find older straight people of any particular type.The older someone is the more likely they have faced extreme levels of homophobia, including personal, financial and legal danger. The closet was by and far the rule as we go back in US history simply for the sake of survival. Until the day they died, my grandparents never threw food away because they had been through the great depression. Don't you think the history of violent oppression might affect the visibility of older LGBT people?In addition, across the country of late there has been a lot of talk and financial investment in LGBT retirement communities. Obviously some investors have determined that there will be enough interested in such things as to make the risk of investment worth it.A quarter of the American population has an STD. Most LGBT people will never contract AIDS. Those who strictly engage in safe sex do not have any significant risk factors. Ever growing numbers of straight people are getting AIDS -in large part because religious conservatives continue to try to characterize the disease as gay, instead of teaching their own youth how not to contract the disease.There has never been any serious attempt to determine the numbers of LGBT people in the US. In fact, conservative religious groups are currently fighting such efforts out of fear that the numbers will come back high enough to influence political decisions. But honestly tracking LGBT people at this time in history, and on general principle, would be very problematic. The most we could know is how many people were willing to check the LGBT box on a survey.Your whole argument is actually an argument from the religious right disguised as secular reasoning. The premise of this basic argument is that LGBT orientations are unhealthy, unnatural and lead to a bad life ??"combined with the classical Christian position of believing you have a right to fix the heathens, at the point of a sword if necessary. You are seeking to revive a line of argument that has been successfully defeated many times. In large part because even most straight people no longer accept your premise that homosexuality is unnatural. On another level, it would be none of your business regardless. There are far more obese people in the US than LGBT people. Gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins. Why aren't there national Christian moeevmnts to save obese people from their unhealthy lifestyle? Why aren't there religious attacks on obese people's ability to pursue happiness, form relationships and marry? Why doesn't Fox news reveal the obese agenda? Why aren??(TM)t there half-baked televangelists announcing that hurricanes are the result of eating too much ice cream? Why aren't there conservative attacks to confront the national effects obesity has on our economy and health care? I am not saying there should be, but I am saying the religious right's attacks are a clear example of unreasoned prejudice.There are many religious( including Buddhism, Christianity, Islam and Judaism among others) organizations that accept homosexuality. I simply don??(TM)t care whether yours does or not. You have no right to insist that I conform to your religious beliefs and I have no right to demand that you practice religion the way I believe to be right. You have my permission to privately practice your religion however you feel is justified, even if I think you have completely missed the point of God??(TM)s love, and I will do the same.No one is asking you to be gay. No one is asking you for approval. Please feel free to hate black people, Buddhist people, gay people or whatever gets you through the night. Certainly, many will lose respect for you, but you have that freedom. The functioning of a lawful and civil society demands that we have to hold the actions of our society to a higher standard. LGBT people are US citizens, soldiers, politicians, religious leaders and heroes, and are entitled to the same treatment in public and the same public rights as everyone else.

Commentaires#8 Posté le 03.10.2011 12:14:53 par (5 posts)


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Commentaires#7 Posté le 29.09.2011 07:55:10 par (5 posts)


Hey, that's the gretaest! So with ll this brain power AWHFY?

Commentaires#6 Posté le 18.04.2011 11:01:51 par (5 posts)


Effectivement, c'est étonnant comme formulation, et je comprends ton désarroi - j'esp??re simplement que l'usage des réponses tiendra compte de cela...
C'est d'autant plus "tendu" qu'on connaît l'histoire des mouvements féministes, et cette opposition clitoris/vagin qu'ils ont largement véhiculé.

J'ai été surpris également de voir la question sur le nombre de femmes victimes de mutilation sexuelles. On passe d'un questionnaire lié à l'intime à un probl??me géopolitique ! Je ne nie pas l'importance de ce sujet, mais franchement, une question sur des chiffres ??!!